About Family Friend

Mission Statement

Family Friend’s mission is to offer trauma informed supports that engage families, professionals and the larger community in caring for children healing from abuse and neglect.


Family Friend imagines an Oregon where all children who have experienced abuse and neglect are supported through their healing process. We envision the community coming together to create a safe haven for our most vulnerable children and families, so that together we can move families forward to safety and stability.

The Need

In 2016 in the tri-county region (Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties) there were 4,809 survivors of child abuse and/or neglect. Children who experience abuse and neglect are more likely to struggle academically and socially; leading to increased physical and mental health issues, criminal activity, and substance use and abuse into adulthood. These outcomes are not predetermined; they stem not only from the traumas experienced, but from the failings of the multi-systems’ response. This failure is not the fault of any one particular agency and the solution must involve a multi-faceted approach. 

Family Friend was founded as a 501(c)3 in 2012 with the intention of combating these negative outcomes for our community’s children from an interdisciplinary perspective that focuses on the healing role of family in addition to trauma informed services. Family Friend’s services are designed to fill the gap between what is currently being offered to support abuse and neglect survivors and what we know they need.

The Response

The Family Store is a free clothes closet for children from birth to twenty-one years of age. Adult clothing for parents and caretakers is also available. Providing free children’s clothing and supplies helps remove barriers so foster parents are better prepared to take a child into their home. The store is currently open two days a week and by appointment as needed.

Family Support is directed at building on family strengths and responding to basic needs so that families may focus on the healing process. Services include: continuing The Family Store, increasing Family Mentors, and offering Foster Family Support Groups and Trainings that focus on skill development and retention. 

Clinical Services build holistic therapeutic responses focusing on attachment and trauma. Services will include: Individual and Family Therapy, including therapeutic supervised visitation. Emphasis on in-home and community based work. 


Community Engagement increases community awareness and involvement in caring for our most vulnerable children. Services include: Developing and Training Volunteers and Community Outreach to build our network of “family friends” who contribute their time and resources.

Meet Our Team

Julianne Chapman

Julianne Chapman
Julianne Chapman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. A Portland native from a large family, Julianne is dedicated to seeing the city build connections for community support, as the population continues to grow and change. She worked for the DHS Child Welfare for 8 years as a caseworker and family support specialist. This organization grew organically based on needs of families she worked with and her family friends who consistently donated items to support her efforts. An avid snowboarder, traveler, who loves the outdoors, and has a strong commitment to social justice.

Jody Chapman

Jody Chapman

Jody is a Business Analyst with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from University of Portland.  She currently works for OnTrac where she’s been employed since 1998.  Jody loves spending time with her family, the outdoors, sunshine, boating, wake surfing, snowboarding, watching sports, and working in her yard.  She believes in the mission of Family Friend and feels lucky to be part of it.

Mary Geelan

Mary Geelan
Mary Geelan, MSW, is the Juvenile Court Improvement Coordinator for the Multnomah County Department of Justice in Portland, Oregon. Mary coordinates complex interdivisional and interagency strategic programs and projects related to the juvenile court, child welfare and juvenile justice systems. She is passionate about advancing racial and ethnic equity, removing systemic barriers, and strengthening families.

Kris Fay

Kris Fay
Kris is passionate about bringing his considerable skills for communication and organization to bear in the community to make a difference. A 2015 Leadership Clark County graduate, he is an active member of the Clark County Parks Advisory Board, helped develop a marketing program for the West Van for Youth program, regularly attends Safe Communities Task Force meetings and actively coaches youth sports.


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